The strikes

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The strikes

Post by Ran Keller on Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:30 am

Let me tell you what it wrong to do in the server and what kind of things will give you a strike, so please be honest with somethings.

Things will give you a strike:
- Leaming
- Don´t following the Rules Events.
- Don´t having respect to other players.
- Don´t showing respect to higher ranks than you.
- Missing one event
- Changing skill points
- Changing force points.
- Don´t following chat rules
- Don´t following game rules
- Don´t following the rank rules

Remember that 3 strikes its a ban of the server and never get back in, so don´t do this kind of things, play with honesty and be careful with these things. If you are having troubles with a player that isn´t following the rules, please tell me... I don´t want to say that you need to be a gossip person. No... Its more than that. Because in the future he will get you in troubles when you are fightning to him, you will see the changes in he. So please tell me because we don´t want to make the server crash...

Be careful because the server is free! If someone is telling you that you need to pay money for playing, report it to me and he will be ban of the server. If he/she is talking that you need to play. just report it.The force is for all...
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