Ranks for the order

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Ranks for the order

Post by Ran Keller on Thu May 07, 2015 12:30 pm

There are 2 teams jedi and sith team, so choose wisely, each team have own skins and own sabers
this is an expamle when you put your name in the game, in this forum only put your star wars name. in the game put them completely.

This is the code: ^8[TGJM] [SM] ^4Ran Keller
This is going to be seen: [TGJM] [SM] Ran Keller

In the name you need to put the color of your team, if you are jedi put in on blue and if you are sith, put it on red In the last example we can see the color of the name so... We know that Ran Keller is a jedi.
All ranks and asignatures you have is going to be in black

The maximum ranks you can have is 2:

-Your Jedi/Sith rank first
- Your acknowledgment

You can´t put your rank in which rank you want, you need to put the rank thats corresponds to you. The acknowledgments you can have olny one, and it will give you by Ran Keller.

Each team have their own ranks

Here are them

[JI] Jedi Initiate
[JP] Jedi Padawan
[J] Jedi
[JK] Jedi knight
[JM] Jedi Master
[GM] Grand Master

[SI]  Sith Initiate
[SP] Sith Padawan
[S] Sith
[SK] Sith Knight
[SM] Sith Master
[LS] Sith Lord

In the game You can have acknowledgments about:

In these there is only one:
[WP] Weapon Master (The best Jedi/Sith using the lightsaber)
[FM] Force Master (The best Jedi/Sith using the force in battles)
[SM] Seers Master (The best Jedi/Sith telling tips about anything you want about the server)
[HM] Healer Master (The best Jedi/Sith  teammate)
[WM] Wisdom Master (The best Jedi/Sith knowing the story and telling tips about that)

In these there can be more than one:

Lightsaber Instructors (Jedis/Siths that are good teaching how to use a specific lightsaber)
[FI] Force Instructors (Jedis/Siths that are good teaching how to use the force in a duel)
[TH] Team Healers (Jedis/Siths good teammates)
[R] Researchers (Jedis/Siths that know the history)
[AI] Acrobatics Instructors (Jedis/Siths that are good teaching how to use acrobatics in a duel)

To increase you rank you are going to have two tests, practice and text exams. In each exam you will 10, that is the highest score, but when you are failing, this score will decrease. If you reach to 5, you failed the exam and theres no promote for you. If you get promoted in something Ran Keller is going to tell you.
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