Downloads of the server

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Downloads of the server

Post by Ran Keller on Fri May 08, 2015 11:47 am

Here you can download the necessary things you need to play on the game.

If you dont have the game see this video and install it.


The patch 1.01. With 3 maps and skins

How to install it?

- Well when you download the .rar file unzip it on a folder.
- Then search in a application called "jkacademy1_01" open it and it is going to install the patch 1.01
- In the folder you have .pk3 archives. All of them put in, in this direction folder: (If you installed the     game in your C Disc)
 C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
- Its finished, enjoy the mods!
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