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Chat Rules

Post by Ran Keller on Fri May 08, 2015 12:12 pm

Fisrt of all I want to ask you something... You need to be respectful, it doesn´t matter if you are of the other team, respect the other players or you will have 1 strike. You now that 3 strikes, you will be out of the server and of the clan.
You can say anything you want but with respect. Please I don´t want to ban you. You can´t talk with a person if he is far from you, you need to talk in the same room, and the only language you can talk is English, but if you talk another language and other person too, please do it pressin the "U" key, you have all the liberty of saying whatever you want with it but to all is going to be English.

Now Im going to talk about you the signs rules with the chat:

When you are talking in normal, like speaking with your master. Do not write any sign , you don´t need them. For example:

Yes Master

When you are doing things like meditating or whatelse please use this signs <>. For example:


When you want to write what are you thinking in that moment please use this signs **

*This is too hard for me*


You need to show respect to your master and the other persons higher rank than you, isn´t easy get there... so, show respect. Never mind if he or she is a jedi or sith, you need to show respect. to them saying at the end of all phrase you anwer or tell...saying this:

Yes Master

With capital letter please.
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