The events

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The events

Post by Ran Keller on Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:48 am

What are the events?
There are the battles of jedis and siths to change the story...

When are the events?
Well the server is going to be played on saturdays and the last saturday of the month are going to be played the events...

The events are schedules you will have to show your hability with your saber and the force

How we play the events?
The rules are:
-Once you died, do not respawn... join to spectators.
-You cant add or remove your skill points
-You cant change your saber laser and your name or skin
-You can talk when you are in the schedule, but if you died for that its not my problem.

You canĀ“t miss the events If you are going to miss a event please tell me one week before, please. If you miss without telling me you will have a strike... 3 strikes is a ban...
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