The new Jedi Academy begins...

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The new Jedi Academy begins...

Post by Ran Keller on Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:30 pm

Join the academy jedi it breaks of this game of role where you will be a jedi or a sith and will arm a future where your actions were affecting your future, will take status as all good role game.

I have created stars wars server where you as protagonisante you can create your history, I refer that if you have always wanted to be a jedi and fight against the obscure side, you can achieve it here. . . . as we cannot do it in the real life. . . since. . . I have decided to create this server of the called game "jedi knight: the jedi academy"
Where if you want it breaks of the side that you want, you will have to be a part and create your own history with other players. . . You have to need to decide between the obscure side and luminous side, and remember that your actions might change your future into the game. . . example if you are jedi and fall down in the anger. . . you might turn in a sith. . . this it is alone to amuse itself so join. . . If they do not have the game it is not important, it is easy to play and believe me if you are a star wars fan and have wanted to have like a pretender of the life of a jedi. . . here I am join the server and you will be able to fight for the edict that you have chosen. . . Join the order. . .
Join the server and you will be able to fight for the edict that you have chosen. . . Join the order. . . Think it and may the force be with you...
Give click where "Register" says later where he says "I Agree terms, later should add its mail account, a password and a name of star's universe wars. imagine, if it is star's pretender wars you will need a name as if really you had been born there.

Here I give to you a link of you can choose a Random name of the star wars universe, good luck and choose slowly because you cant change it.

Join soon we will open the server.
Remember. . . might be your person of the profesia. . . the person who balances the force. . . Anakin thought badly. . . but you might be your man of the profesia. . . (This is exciting xD:3)

The server is free
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